Teen Digital Diva - Box

Teen Digital Diva
Ages 13+

Make your own fashion magazine. Create covers, insert graphics, select topics and write copy. While this product deals with much the same topics as Let's Talk About Me (both were designed by Girl Games) this one gives you something to do after you've played with fashion and make-up - put out a `zine. You can then print it out or send it to your friends through e-mail

There are a number of topics/pages for you to design. As you might expect - lots of them have to do with clothes. In 7th Avenue you select tops, bottoms, hats, shoes to make a fashion statement. You can top it all off with your face - if you have already digitized it. The designers neglected to put a body here, so the face just sort of floats above the clothes. Shabby! For a retro fling, Millennium Filter lets you pick styles from the 60's, 70's, and 80's and then modify them to be frillier or slinkier - interesting.

In Make Me Over you are called upon to help a reader who is in desperate need of a makeover for a heavy date, to go the opera, for a job interview or whatever. It's a temptation to go wild on this one - for better - maybe worse. Why me? has you decide which of the embarrassing stories are true or false before publishing them. You can check out you and your buddies horoscopes, and do reviews of bands and vocalists and then - finally do a wrap up by designing the cover. If you digitize photos and artwork you can substitute your own photos and graphics in the various places where photos are used - including the cover. Which then leads to wanting to do a title other that Teen on the cover. Templates to really do your own `zine would have been a neat option in the game.

Reviewed by Genevieve 10/99

  • Teen Digital Diva $29.95
  • c 1998 Girl Games - Distributed by Activision
  • Windows 95/98