Totally Spies!  2 - Review

Totally Spies! 2

The game's five story-based missions are taken from the show's new TV episodes. It is interesting how they made the game develop around a story. After all, it is played on a GBA and games are usually made up of mini-games. Actions like racing, going through mazes, dancing to the correct symbols, and assembling picture puzzles are part of Totally Spies but each level consist of four chapters that are planned to, sort of, develop a story.

As an example, in Rescuing Arnold you are racing after and scanning trucks for Arnold, destroying a lock, shooting a laser and finally using a balloon attack on the villain, Geraldine. Other missions involve spies in space and catching a thief. As a twist to personalizing the game, there is a Confessional Quiz taken at the completion of each mission.

With all the work that went into this the game is just too hard to be fun. Tight timing sequences and hard to get restorative hearts make it very frustrating. Sure, there will be kids who persevere, but hey, it supposed to be fun.

Reviewed by: Editor - 12/06

  • Totally Spies! 2
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