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URBZ -- Sims in the City
Ages: Teen

Finally, finally, finally the Sims get into the city. No more mowing the lawn, taking the bus or driving to where you want to go, no more spending time competing with the neighbors about the size of the house or lawn furniture.

Welcome a city that looks very much like my own New York. Ride the subways, adventure to different parts of town -- uptown, downtown, all around town. The main purpose in life is to build a reputation -- by wearing the right clothes and by making friends. The bigger the rep the more things are open to you -- night clubs, better living space, even new moves to use. And yes you still have to take care of your physical needs and earn Simoleans. But it's so much fun. The lights never go out in this town. When they say 24/7 they mean it. Leave your game up and your Sim will find her way around town. You may be surprised how well she does without you.

There are twelve different areas of the city, and they give you a full breadth of city life

With the release of URBZ -- Sims in the City on three consoles and on the GBA, Electronic Arts has included a little piece of sugar for each platform. For the Xbox you can view the game in HDTV -- essentially wide screen TV. The Playstation 2 works with the Eye Toy so you can take your picture and plaster it around the town. The Game Cube offers an additional clothing bonus -- snazzy stuff from the GBA version. And talking about the GBA version -- it's a totally new game. You might want one for home and one on the go.

Just the names make my mouth water. You can pick any area to start out from and it makes a difference in the game. I'll let you know when I try another character. The characters are made so real that you get attached to them easily. The body language is great -- just let your Sim not get enough sleep. Getting around town is well done -- there is a zoom function that makes moving real easy.

Two people can play this game. The talk is Simlish and for a certain number of copies of the first releases of the game you can download -- for free Black Eyed Peas the radio version and the Simlish Remix. Four inch action toys will also be available -- check out http://www.atomictoys.com/urbz. For those new to Sims (probably those in the red states) I would suggest a strategy guide.

Meanwhile, I am truckin' with the URBZ. Yahooo!

Reviewed by: Editor - 11/04

Build your "reputation" in the City and you can be the most popular Urb around. Creating your reputation and gaining respect is what this game is all about. Of course, once you achieve this and become the "coolest" person in the place you are entitled to get into just about anywhere in the City. So many places to visit, so many things to do. What's a Sim character to do? Go to a late night party, possibly the dance club, or just visit one of the several hot spots offered in the City. Only way to achieve this is to meet lots of people, know how to dress, and have the right moves.

Somewhat challenging at first trying to figure out which part of the City to travel to first as well as attempting to get my character around the place. Controlling my character was not as easy as I would have thought. I felt like there were so many things going on at once I couldn't keep track of them all. Did she have enough food? She's slumped over-where's her bed? How do I get into this room or that room? Needless to say, I did become somewhat frustrated trying to figure this all out. I just wanted the little Urb to succeed. I also wanted to continue playing so that this character could travel anywhere and get into any place in the City. Once figuring out the right maneuvers and learning how to get around, this game became entertaining along with the funky fresh mix of music and hip, happenin', cool Urbz. With so many Urbz to choose from and change up in the game there's a variety of possibilities in the City.

Reviewed by: Stephanie H. - 04/05

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