VG 4000 Pocket -- Frogger  - Review

VG 4000 Pocket -- Frogger
Ages: Ages 6+

You know how you sometimes find a smooth flat stone and you keep feeling and holding it? Well, the VG Pocket is like that. A small, about the side of an oatmeal cookie but fatter disk, comes in green, red or yellow. They call it a Tablet which is a dull name for such a spiffy game machine. It is back-lit, and for an additional $9.99 you can buy an AV cable that can connect it to your TV. It's a great gift idea. If you don't find it in the game department, look for it under toys.

Besides the well known Frogger - it comes with an additional twenty four, 8-bit arcade games inside; Stellar Attack, Motorcross Racer, Billiards, Sudoku Quiz, Mutant Hunt, Funny Fungi, Leaper the Frog, Lord of the Jewels, Off-Roader, Risk It! Battle Blocks, Construction Jack, Memory Matching, Track Star, River Quest, Star Alley, Pinball Labyrinth, Vitamania, Mr. Onion., Delivery Express, Birds of Prey, Whack the Critter, Stuntman Daredevil, Delta Fighter. Brings back memories, doesn't it? The only one I had trouble with was Memory Matching - The flowers were too small for me to tell them apart - the screen is 2". You need young eyes.

Reviewed by: Editor - 10/06

  • VG 4000 Pocket -- Frogger
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