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The Wild Thornberrys Movie
Ages E

Boy, I hope the movie is more fun than the game. Lots of work went into it but it's almost unplayable. I was all ready for the story but couldn't get past the first level so here's a review of the first level entitled, Save the Cheetah Cubs.

You have to pick up cheetah cubs from under the shadow of the poacher's helicopter and put them down safely. Spacebar picks up and sets them down. Navigating Eliza is difficult whether you use the arrow keys or the mouse. And this is a problem because Eliza has to be exactly in front of the cub to be able to pick them up. You have eight seconds to pick up the cubs before the timer resets. You score by picking up tokens some of which can give you more time. I got up to 1000, but I have no idea what the passing score is. You do not score for saving cheetah cubs. Wandering elephants and zebras get in your way and slow you down; rocks get in the way of saving the cubs.

Instructions in the manual are inadequate. I think it's OK to have to figure out how to play a game. In the Zoombinis games, this are part of the puzzle. But they are logical, well planned and give you time to think. As such, solving, the puzzles is rewarding and results in a sense of achievement. Here it is simply frustrating.

There are additional mini-games that can be played without going into the story. Again, some are totally confusing, some too easy, some too hard one is clever Rock Painting. There are so few good characters in games that are girls - Eliza could be one of them but the game has to work. Meanwhile, stay tuned for reviewers who make it past Level1.

Editor Review 12/02

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