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Wheel of Fortune 2003
Ages: Everyone

This game is for those who watch the Wheel of Fortune program on TV, shout out the answers and think that they could ace the contestant. I am at a disadvantage. I have never seen the TV show but except for winning real money Ill bet the game is a pretty good recreation of the actual show. And as such, this is not a game to play by yourself. The game allows for three players and I think this is the way it is best enjoyed. It needs the social interaction, otherwise it is a little slow and eerie. The game steps you through the pre-qualifying exam and you have Vanna and the crowd to cheer you on. The manual gives tips on guessing the letters and even suggestions on how to become a contestant. I guess you might even consider the game as training for someone who is thinking of going on to winning the big bucks. What are games coming to?

Reviewed by: Editor - 07/03

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