Yu-Gi-Oh GX Ultimate Beginner's Pack Duel Academy  - Review

Yu-Gi-Oh GX Ultimate Beginner's Pack Duel Academy
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I came late to Yu-Gi-Oh and so I have always been trying to do catch up. When Konami put out Yu-Gi-Oh GX Ultimate Beginner's Pack Duel Academy with the promise that this product would teach me the in and outs of the game, I jumped at the offer. They came through. It comes in a big yellow box to accommodate everything -- A Dual Master's Guide Training DVD, two Duelist Packs, 8 iridescent, sparkly Bonus Cards, a layout for the Deck Zone and the Game Boy Yu-Gi-Oh Duel Academy.

The Training DVD teaches you how to play Yu-Gi-Oh in real life, and you have all the equipment necessary -- card decks and deck zone layout. You are given instruction on card types, how to construct a deck, monster summaries, and tips on field spells and traps. Understanding the game makes playing the video games much more satisfying.

Included in the package is Yu-Gi-Oh GX Duel Academy, a game that places you in the Academy, with room assignments, written and dueling exam, grades, fellow students and opponents, various places to visit and to meet and a calendar to keep track of your schedule of duels. There is money to be earned, cards to buy and there are things that you can or cannot do depending on whether it is daytime or nighttime. No class on the weekends and you can buy cards only on Saturday. They are very serious. If you don't pass the exams you go back to the freshman dorms. Very Japanese.

It's a very interesting package with a lot of play time. You can even play multiplayer games which require one game pack per player, which of course is included in the package. A wonderful gift if you are thinking of doing your Christmas shopping early. The product costs $49.99 but you will have to shop around to find it -- Amazon does not stock it but I have included the link for just the Yu-Gi-Oh Duel Academy game.

Reviewed by: Editor - 08/06

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