ZatchBell! Mamodo Fury - Review

ZatchBell! Mamodo Fury
Ages: Teen

The game is based on the animated series Zatch Bell shown on the Cartoon Network. Mamodos come down to earth every thousand years for a big free-for-all to see who will become mamodo King. These mamodo's are demons who take the form of strange child-like creatures who have great spell power. However they need a human partner. You have Zatch on your side and there are 20 more Mamodos for you to encounter. It's hard to tell who the game is aimed for; the mamodos are an interesting twist with their need for human partners, but the battles are not varied enough and the game is mostly all battles. The use of anime is perfect for all those splendidly weird mamodos

Reviewed by: Editor - 10/06

  • ZatchBell! Mamodo Fury
  • © Bandai Namco
  • Platform(s): PS2
  • To Order: PS2 $39.99