All Star Cheer Squad. - Review

All Star Cheer Squad.
Ages: Everyone

The DS version is completely different from the Wii version. While the Wii gives your body a work out, the DS version lets your fingers do the working. The game is more like an adventure at Camp Cheer. The camp is a full campus - dorms, cafeteria, swimming pool, gym, training studio and a full blown stadium. Going from place to place can be done by following sparkling stars and checking a map or - more efficiently, highlighting a destination and clicking on a star in the lower right hand corner of the screen.

The player wanders about, talking to others in the camp, training, doing task and essentially filling up her day. Days are planned with a Spirit Wheel, a circle divided into 12 segments - cheer events - green, free time - orange, practice - purple, fitness - blue. All the workouts - arm strength, balance, agility, leg strength are in name only because they all are by tapping targets with the stylus.

The strange part about this game is that everything is done with the A and B buttons and the D-pad, only the workout games are done using the stylus. I practically punched a hole in my upper screen trying to move my character.

Fun Factor: An interesting trip through cheerleader land
Female Factor: Only girls
Player Friendly: Saving occurs only after certain events or tasks - unclear which.

Reviewed by: Editor - 11/08

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