American Dragon  --  Rise of the Huntsclan - Review

American Dragon -- Rise of the Huntsclan
Ages: Everyone

On the GBA, this is a simple side scroller. Jake can change into the American Dragon when he picks up focus points, little blue sparkles that are dropped by his enemies when defeated. As a Dragon he can tail swipe, claw slash and breathe dragon fire. Jake can also summon his friend, Fu Dog to jump in and help. Enemies are all varieties of green Huntsclan members. You have to defeat them. Jake seems to have more power when on his skateboard.

I said it was simple. When I see what EA can pack into the GBA or even Disney's Suite Life I would rate this poor. If you love the character, the DS version American Dragon -- Attack of the Dark Dragon has lots more going on. Rosie, Jakes' girlfriend is kidnapped by the Dark Dragon. This starts a battle between the Dark Dragon and the Huntsman, which affords Jake lots and lots of enemies to fight and there are Dragon Stones to touch with the touchscreen.

Reviewed by: Editor - 11/06

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