American Idol Talent Challenge   - Review

American Idol Talent Challenge
Ages: Everyone

We are all so computer, machine, and internet oriented that we forget that it is possible to play with friends without those trappings. In time for the holiday season is "American Idol" - Talent Challenge. It seems that each year we have another game version riding on the popularity of the TV show. In this case the only equipment you need, besides what's in the box, is your TV, DVD player and remote.

The microphone is a wire mesh topped professionally looking object, there are 12 songs that can be played with or without vocals - and that is very important. Too often players have to sing along with the star vocalist, and who can compete with Britney Spear? It has an audio mixer that allows you to tweak the balance, and to add echo to your performance. Although you get only one mic, there is a connection for two.

Your DVD remote is used to vote on the performance - one through nine with one being the worst. Your vote is translated to comments by the three American Idol judges Randy, Paula, and Simon. Their comments are varied, which adds to the feeling of being there. Up to four people can vote.

You can have lyrics displayed on screen or just one of the background screens with the American Idol logo prominently displayed on the bottom. Background screens can be the stage, cities, fireworks or an abstract pattern. The arrangements and vocals are all rather heavy and overwhelming. I would like to have had just a piano accompaniment or simple guitar combo.

Fun Factor: It's all up to your friends.

Reviewed by: Editor - 11/07

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