Animal Paradise  - Review

Animal Paradise
Ages: Everyone

Another pet-care game. But this one is enlivened by the photography used to present the animals. First off - they are real, not cartooned animals. Next, the photography used is Yoneo Morita's Hana Deka's Big Nose style, which is to photograph them with a fisheye lens, making them look even cuter. The games starts on a farm. The farmhouse is where you can save the game, and look at the scrapbook of animal photographs. Your task is to bond with the animals so that your cousin can take their pictures. Bonding involves petting, cleaning, feeding, playing and walking the animals. Animals have different likes and will simply walk off the screen if you are doing something that does not please them. There are chirps and hearts if you are doing things right. Once photographs are taken you are rewarded with a mini game.

A map shows you the different areas where animals might be found - the beach, in town, a park, mountains, riverside and a shrine. There are 18 different animals - heavily weighted towards dogs and cute puppies. My only complaint was having to name the animals before I was sure what they were - OK, so I confused a hamster with a chipmunk. The kind of care is pretty limited - you are not a pet vet here. The game is totally on the touch screen which makes it easy for the younger kids.

Fun Factor: Easy play for kids.
Female Factor: The photographer in the game is a young girl.
Player Friendly: Saves and photos are all easily accessible in the farm house.

Reviewed by: Editor - 10/08

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