Ape Escape ! Pumped and Primed - Box

Ape Escape ! Pumped and Primed
Ages: Teen

Our old friend Spike is back with his friends Natalie, Helga and the Professor, and they are battling the evil monkeys to win a tournament. This time they battle with various gadgets, and each player has his/her own specific weapons and moves. As in other strategy games, selecting a well balanced team increases your chances of winning.

The settings allow for a nice variety of game play. The battles are played out with various items from clubs and slingshots to tanks depending upon the level reached. There are races where you have to collect coins and some which dissolve into straight fighting. Action continues on land, sea and air -- a heroic tournament. Players will have to read the instructions to get all that the game has to offer. Who would have thought that video games would lead to literacy?

Reviewed by: Editor - 07/05

  • Ape Escape ! Pumped and Primed
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  • PS2
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