Avalon Code - Review

Avalon Code
Ages: Everyone +10

The world you inhabit is slated to be zeroed out and a new world created in its place. You, as the protagonist - boy or girl - are given the Book of Prophesy and charged with writing into the book the things and people to be saved and brought into the new world. A heck of a job for one person - lemme see - ginger ice cream, calla lilies, the Beatles

Apparently, this doesn't faze your character too much because you have spirit helpers. These spirits are all somehow bound to the book: Rempo the fire spirit with his arms sealed; Neaki the ice spirit with her voice locked; Ur the lightning spirit with his eyes covered and Miele the forest spirit with her legs in chains. Truly the makings of an RPG opera.

The D-pad moves the character, the face buttons attack, scan code and talk; the L and R buttons are used to evade. The touch screen is The Book of Prophesy which holds everything; the codes, your journal, all the items you write into the book - people, weapons, flowers, tablets, a map, even mini-games.

Getting and using codes is the novel part of this game. Whopping someone or something over the head will produce a flash of light and they or it will be written into the Book. This allows you to look up the item and change its code to your benefit. You can take away strength from a monster or fortify your weapon. You are limited to 4 codes per person/object/monster. There are not many codes to choose from at the beginning but more will come later.

The battles are timed, as are the puzzles, and you have to get the hang of flipping through the Book to find the appropriate thing and its codes. This took getting used to. The Book is immense - each person/thing gets a separate page. When I was in a hurry to upgrade my weapon or down grade an opponent, I was all butterfingers getting to the right page - even with the help of the index. Spirit assistance is halfway between helpful and enigmatic. The colorful manual is beautiful and prepares you for the adventure.

It is all very different and exciting. There are many characters to interact with. Romance is always in the air and monsters always hovering about. There is incredible and sumptuous detail on everything - costumes, the fairy sprites, the interiors, the landscapes. Amazing what the DS can do. Xseed has really exceeded itself.

Fun Factor: Beautiful game, interesting story, intriguing characters.
Female Factor: Plenty, besides the main character - spirits, a sorceress, a princess and and an elf.
Player Friendly: Good manual - goes at it chapter by chapter. Save on next to the last page. Only one save slot.

Reviewed by: Editor - 05/09

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