Backyard Sports  Basketball 2007 NBA  - Review

Backyard Sports Basketball 2007 NBA
Ages: Everyone

The fact the Backyard Series has made it to the PS2 is an indication of the continuing affection that kids have for this series. In the past, baseball, football, and soccer have been mainly for the PC and various hand-helds.

The format using an ethnic mix of cartoon kids and the ability to choose a team with varying skills, outfits even courts - makes it an easy and interesting introduction to the game for kids. The game has an updated feel, cool music, sharper graphics, but I miss the disabled kid and the young announcers parodying their adults.

You pick your team from 22 of the eager Backyard kids or you can choose some of the 18 kid NBA players. Although it's easy, it's a real game with players fatiguing over time and penalties for fouls and violations. Players will have to keep stats and strategize as to how to make up a team and when to play offensive or defensive. Three camera views the Action Camera which scrolls from side to side, the Press camera which pans from side to side and the Tight Camera which zooms in on the player with the ball make it easier to follow the action.

There are three levels of play, Easy, Medium and Hard. In Easy, the game aims the ball for you automatically and in Hard too much excessive contact will give free throws to the opposing team. Controls for offensive lets you move the player to pass, shoot, do a fake dribble, sprint and do a back down dribble play. Defensive play will let you play guard hard, switch players, jump and rebound, and steal and swipe the ball. There is nothing else that takes kids abilities into consideration and still gives the excitement of the play. I hope this game never goes away.

Fun Factor: Great gift for kids.
Female Factor: Plenty of girls wanting to make the team.
Player Friendly: An option for easy baskets relieves the frustration for young players .

Reviewed by: Editor - 08/07

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