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Barbie Fashion Show
Ages: 5 and up

Sheesh! I designed a game back in the '80s called Designer Jean that looked like this. I used style, fabrics and patterns to design clothes and had them change with the seasons. Vivendi Universal does it better, but I did it first.

Anyway, It's a well done game. You have more choices in designing the clothes; while you don't have a very wide selection of styles -- you do have a number of design assignments -- school game, pajamas, formal and the requisite wedding. You design both front and back and can turn your model in front of a mirror to view your creation in 3D.

The runway part is cool -- designing the props and how the model will walk down the runway. By clicking on the flashing Xs you can have your model do some cute action that adds a lot to the walk. The animation gives you the feeling of really being there -- the swaggers and turns are fun to play with. The final show is a cut scene with different camera angles and really looks professional. Girls' dreams of becoming star models are currently hot on TV and this game gives girls a chance to play with that dream without enrolling in modeling school.

Reviewed by: Editor - 10/04

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