Barbie Ocean Discovery - Box

Adventures with Barbie© Ocean Discovery©
Mattel Media, Ages 5+

Ok. Ok. You wanted more reviews on Barbie software. So here it is.

She swims, she somersaults, she treads water with her long locks flowing behind her while looking for clues to find the hidden treasure. Ken makes his appearance tending the boat topside. There's lots to do while you dive along with Barbie. One word of caution to you future scuba divers. While Barbie does have an air tank strapped to her back she doesn't wear a mask. You, of course will have to wear one when you dive.

There are puzzles to solve - putting the coral reef back, untangling a net, matching fish hiding in shells AND of course, finding the pieces to the treasure map. It gets better the deeper you go; a ring toss onto bubbles where you have to compensate for buoyancy, a xylophone to match musical sounds. Finally after exploring the sunken ship and finding enough clues you come to the sunken city where the treasure house of jewels lies. This is a wonderful place to explore, sparkling with immense jewels and fantastic shapes. You will still have to solve a final clue before you can get all those pretty jewels. Reviewed by Genevieve

  • Adventures with Barbie© Ocean Discovery©. $19.95
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  • Windows 3.1/Windows 95