Big City Adventure: San Francisco  - Review

Big City Adventure: San Francisco
Ages: Everyone

This is a seek-and-find game where, in a screen-full of diverse objects, you have to find those items which are listed on the bottom of the screen. There is a time limit - or none if you have checked the "Relaxed Mode no time limits"

This game uses the various local locations of San Francisco to anchor the game. And Oberon does a good job of displaying the map and then selecting the important sites of the city Alcatraz, the shopping district at Market and Powell, the Opera house, Mission Delores. Before you can access a new area you have to solve a puzzle a match 3 game, sorting or an actual puzzle. Once you have solved the entire puzzle, you can go back and play it again with a new group to find.

This is one of the casual games that have made it into a PC game that you can purchase from a store shelf. This option works for those players who do not want to purchase on the net or have a slow system and do not want/trust downloads. I can see seniors owning a library of such games and playing them as they wish, without an internet connection.

What makes a seek and find game enjoyable? A theme behind the games is good. The hidden objects should be of a reasonable size no peas. It's nice but not necessary that the color be true oranges should be orange, not green. When the object is found, a nice animated graphic is satisfying. Background music should accompany but not be intrusive - Big City Adventure: San Francisco has all of these.

Fun Factor: A game plus a great tour.
Player Friendly: Relaxed mode permits playing without time limits.

Reviewed by: Editor - 11/07

  • Big City Adventure: San Francisco
  • © Oberon Media/Elephant Entertainment
  • Platform(s): WVISTA XP W2K
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