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Black & White
Ages: Teen

The game poses the great conundrum If there are no worshipers can the be a god? Do any of you remember Babyz every minute the little tyke was getting into something that required your attention. Now multiple that tenfold and you have some idea of the work that's in store for you. And work is what it is. Between a bunch of whiny natives calling out for food, and wood, a creature that needs constant attention to keep him from eating villagers and pooping on the town it's worse than being a soccer mom. Oh, and there's also the occasional threats from neighboring gods. Power comes with happy worshipers and imposing temples. But you find that too much praying and worshipping causes starvation. Unforeseen consequences abound.

The graphics are imposing, but the navigation takes some getting used to. The different viewpoints are amusing you can peer down from above and see your people as little ants running about or get down to almost see their faces. But all in all, the game is too much work. I would suggest a VP to manage the natives; letting the creature handler wet nurse the critter until it got old enough to be civilized; engaging a four star general to guard my boarders and a retinue of servants to bring me food, drink and puff my pillows. That's my idea of being god.

Editor Review 3/02

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