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Blinx 2
Ages: Everyone

What else is there besides time and space? You can use one -- or both in attempting to put together the Big Time Crystal before chaos reigns. Play as a Time Factory team -- an industrious, orderly and lithe group of cats as you are bound to see. They pick up time crystals from the enemies they defeat. With enough crystal pieces they develop time powers. There are six flavors -- pause, slow, fast forward, rewind, record, and retry. The advantage of controlling time quickly becomes apparent. Bridge down -- just rewind. You get killed -- just retry for another chance. Besides bosses, shards to recover, and puzzles to solve you have to best the Tom Tom gang who are also involved in getting/stealing time crystals.

On the other hand should you prefer the rough and tumble thieving Tom Toms, you have the control of space at your dirty fingertips. Space functions vary from a Harry Potter type of cloak of invisibility to a black hole that sucks away your enemy's health. Fighting with these types of skills/weapons takes the game out of the standard shooters.

The game has a heavy help function in the form of the Operator, who is connected to your team via the walkie talkie, and provides hints on how to solve puzzles. This function makes it easier to play the game through, and I, for one, appreciated it, but I can see that it could annoy some players. The game is an Xbox exclusive.

Reviewed by: Editor - 06/05

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