Bob the Builder - Can Do Zoo - Review

Bob the Builder - Can Do Zoo
Ages: Ages 3 - 6

It is good to see children games coming back. The genre was alive and healthy until the money was diverted to blockbusters and then Leapfrog moved into the void. Every kid I know has a Bob the Builder something - even girls, and so this game is going to get played. This game is for pretty young kids - even on the hardest settings some will zoom though it. The peg for the story is that Bob has to build a zoo for all the animals running loose. We have uncovering tools in a pile of leaves - very pretty; sorting tools into correct boxes, a blueprint building sequence, color and shape matching, memory, problem solving with plenty of heavy equipment around. Successful solutions get you stickers to embellish your landscape.

This game will be available in August, 2008, and will also play on a Mac. If you cannot find it in your local stores or Amazon, you can get it on the Brighter Minds web site, where you will find a selection of other children games. While there is not a lot of replay value - kids often love to replay games which they are good at, and with the three levels, this one adds a little challenge.

Fun Factor: Easy going
Female Factor: Waiting for sister Bess
Player Friendly: Face sensitive

Reviewed by: Editor - 05/08

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