A Boy and his Blob  - Review

A Boy and his Blob
Ages: Everyone

Charming. I love the way Boy hugs his Blob. Hey, I want my own Blob - I have a shirt pocket filled with jellybeans. You too will be enraptured by the game - the boy's voice when he calls to the Blob, the moon hiding in and out from behind the trees as Boy walks through the forest - just magical.

Boy has been enlisted to save Blobolonia from the evil Emperor and has been given a Blob help him. Blob will do many things for jellybeans - become a hole, a jack, a ladder, a parachute. And so off they go, platforming their way, picking up chests and avoiding squishy black blobs (black seems to be the new color for personifying evil).

However, this is a platformer and we all know that as new skills are introduced, new challengers await to test those skills. As in many games that start out "kid friendly" they will often end up "adult assisted". To date, the only reissue of this game from the original Nintendo NES is on the Wii. I'm waiting for a DS version - like I said - I have a pocket full of jellybeans.

Fun Factor: Charming and fun.
Female Factor: I believe the Blob to be a female
Player Friendly: Only one save slot and game uses autosave

Reviewed by: Editor - 12/09

  • A Boy and his Blob
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  • Platform(s): Wii
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