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Boys Be
Ages: Older Teen 16+

Introduction "An anthology of stories about ordinary high school guys and their relationships... or lack thereof. Boys Be ... takes a look at the trials of love and loss from a refreshing point of view and often adds interesting insight into what a relationship is like from an average guys point of view!" "Young men and women face many challenges on the road to romance. Getting over a first crush...recovering from a misunderstanding...reconciling tender fantasy with harsh reality...and those are just the beginning!"

Number 3 "A group of horny boys confess to each other their favorite traits about girls--leaving no uncharted territory! A shy boy attempts to teach his female friend to play guitar...and possibly more. And three girls attempt the ultimate hat trick: revenge on the class clown! There are many lessons to be learned in the game of love--and we'll break all the rules inside this volume of Boys Be...!"

Reviewed by: Tokyo Pop - 06/05

  • Boys Be
  • Author: Itabashi Masahiro
  • Illustrator: Tamakoshi Hiroyuku
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