Bratz the Movie - Review

Bratz the Movie - PS2
Ages: Everyone

I hate to admit it, but this game is more fun to play on the PS2 than on the Wii. But then after all, the last two Bratz games were on the PS2, which gave them plenty of time to work things out. So much of the game is moving the characters around that anything that makes it easier is an improvement. A simple example is the controls for skating. In the PS2 there is an actual break function, while in the Wii, you just take your hand off the B button. This makes the control on the PS2 sharper and faster where on the Wii, the skating just slowly comes to a stop. But there is one exception. The guitar playing felt better on the Wii. Otherwise it's basically the same story.

The resolution is slightly improved on the PS2, and there are real shadows instead of the round ball in the Wii game, and it's time they did something about the hair. Siggraph artists have for years been showing wonderful hair and clothing. Have the designers never gone to the conference? Is it too much to ask for better graphics?

Fun Factor: All the girlie stuff.
Female Factor: Makes me wish for Barbie

Reviewed by: Editor - 10/07

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