Bratz Girlz Really Rock - DS - Review

Bratz Girlz Really Rock - DS
Ages: Everyone

There is more going on in the DS version of the game. While it is basically a side scroller - you press A to get into the buildings - the camp seems to have more activities and buildings. There is no voice and no skydiving - it's almost a different game.

The shopping activity - what the girls do best - starts off the game but photography looms large - there is an extensive photo taking activity with relative decent control. Pets can be acquired, and are trained by speaking into the microphone. The shooting beads activity is sort of a Tetris game, except when they hit the bottom the game is over. The girls manage to get in some snowboarding activity and there is always makeup, which always sound better than it is - particularly with the pixel painting resolution of the DS. As usual in the Bratz environment, there are many opportunities to engage in street side conversation and elicit comments like, "Leah has trouble deciding on the important things in life - but does her best". The progress in the game is very controlled, with many clicks resulting in, "You shouldn't go in there yet". This is further aggravated by the signs which identify the buildings being placed above eye-level and not being fully visible.

If you need a Bratz fix - pick this one over the PS2 version.

Fun Factor: More fun than the PS2 version
Female Factor: See previous comments on PS2 version
Player Friendly: Pretty good manual. Save info is last item in manual

Reviewed by: Editor - 11/08

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