Bratz Girlz Really Rock  - Review

Bratz Girlz Really Rock - Wii
Ages: Everyone

The games on the Wii and the PS2 are pretty much identical, with the exception of the control devices. Where the PS2 has four buttons to challenge you in the music sequence - the Wii has 2 - A and B. Not much of a challenge.

Navigation is tortuous and nauseating because the camera is assigned to the movement of the remote and the slightest movement has you spinning widely around. You move the character by pressing the B button and pointing the remote. A tip advises you to keep the cursor centered around the top of the Bratz head.

The linear limitations of these games are done with such a heavy hand - you can only go to where a Bratz wants to. All other locations cannot be accessed. You don't even get the notice, "You should not go in there yet". Limiting a players access has to be done skillfully otherwise it risks raising the player's ire.

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Reviewed by: Editor - 11/08

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