Bring it On -- All or Nothing    - Review

Bring it On -- All or Nothing
Ages: Unrated

This is not a reprise of President Bush's war cry, ”Bring it on". This is a spankin' new cheer leader story, well, maybe more of a follow-up story. But hey, it worked once so why change a whole lot? It may even be the start of a Bring it On franchise.

This is a summertime girl movie. You won't get any TechBridge science math stuff here. Only MTV cheer leading, One mean girl, one oaf of a boy friend, one white girl in a black school, one tough black cheerleader, one tan boyfriend-to-be and lots of black/white racial digs. Britney, a white cheerleader captain has to move abruptly to a new déclassé neighborhood and to an almost all black school. How she makes the cut for the new cheering squad is the story. Some interesting new street hip-hop moves add a fresh look to the old routines. If you want to try krumping yourself you will find a section on the disk that will show you the routines in easy-to-follow steps.

Lots of young talent here -- which you probably will recognize depending on how many TV shows you watch. The stars, Hayden Panettiere and Solange Knowles-Smith -- a double for a younger Britney Spears, and whose name in the movie is yes, Britney, carry their parts well. There is a good soundtrack and an appearance by Rihanna. Looks to me like cheerleading is great exercise.

Reviewed by: Editor - 09/06

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