Britney's Dance Beat - Box

Britney's Dance Beat
Rated: Everyone

When the title states Dance Beat - that is exactly what it means. Your job is to respond to either the A or B button as a clock-type dial circles over the letter - the games starts easy with just a flew quarter beats but then goes to more challenging multiple beats changing from A to B. As you click away, Britney dances unaware and unaffected by what you are doing. And does she dance - but you will have a hard time watching her while your eyes are on the circling dial. There are 5 different songs - which become available in turn when you pass the previous sequence with a high enough score. You also are rewarded with a postage stamp sized, two-toned, dark, barely discernable picture of Ms B. The sound doesn't do justice to Britney - or maybe it does. All the songs sound tinny and the same. Britney changes costumes but not dance moves with each song. Basically it is an exercise in pressing two buttons - I guess it was too hard to program Britney's moves to make them interactive.

Editor Review 5/02

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