Bubble Bobble Double Shot  - Review

Bubble Bobble Double Shot
Ages: Everyone

With a name like this - it has to be a kid's game - but with the name of Taito on the box - maybe not. Bob, Bub and Bubu (the precursors to Ed, Edd and Eddy) discover a mysterious map and decide to go hunting for the treasure. Ten different areas - 100 levels. Doesn't use the touch screen function except for the mini-games.

The trio is red, blue and green and blow like colored bubbles. Want turquoise or purple - combine two colors. And why do you need to do this - because the enemy - who look like toasters are also color keyed.

The controls are almost primitive

But the color makes it a bit more challenging and the urgent sounds and signals to hurry up at the end are absolutely unnerving - so turn off the sound. It's a vertical stationary platformer. You defeat enemies by shooting them and enclosing then in bubbles and then stomping on them. All bubbles are not the same, water bubbles, Thunder/spark bubbles and fire bubbles will provide extra force. Lose a life - you have to play a mini-game to continue. What! I'm being punished for losing? It's the '80s mentality.

Fun Factor: For a trip down memory lane.
Player Friendly: Harder than it looks.

Reviewed by: Editor - 06/08

  • Bubble Bobble Double Shot
  • © Ignition/Taito
  • Platform(s): GBDS
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