Buzz –The Hollywood Quiz - Review

Buzz –The Hollywood Quiz
Ages: Everyone

The Buzz Buzzers are the best thing about this game. They come in sets of four with an outrageous fat red button on top and four color bars on the handle. In Buzz – The Hollywood Quiz, quizmaster Buzz – as a parody of obnoxious quiz game hosts, makes the introduction to the various types of quizzes. Types may be a misnomer because they are all about movies. What's different is how you play out the answers on the Buzz controller. Some quizzes depend upon how fast you can hit the red button, some on how fast you can press the answers on the colored buttons that match the answers, others will depend on pressing the colored buttons in some appropriate order. You give the controllers a real workout.

The game is best played with four people – two as a minimum because the fun is being the first to correctly answer and to watch your name go to the top of the leaderboard. There is an option to play the role of quizmaster, which has to be done with the analog controller. Which brings me to the need for more control options on the screen. Up and down are done by blue and yellow buttons and the red button as the confirm button. The game needs a back option and an exit option on the screen – otherwise the player must start over by turning off the PS2 and starting again.

There is a fair amount of personalization to identify your character, you can choose from 14 amusing contestants plus amusing custom sounds for your buzzer. What I didn't expect was the wait for everyone to create their characters. We did four but you can go up to eight – excuse me while I go our for some refreshments. The game feels like an early one, with some things needing work – like how about being able to turn off the controllers that are not being used instead of having the poor things flashing away? The controllers are not sold separately but once purchased as a bundle you can buy individual stand alone games. The controllers are fun – but more games are needed. Check out Buzz Junior – Robo Jam

Fun Factor: There must be something else aside from movies that are central to our culture.
Female Factor: Voluptuous but not offensive.
Player Friendly: The lack of game control options is frustrating.

Reviewed by: Editor - 04/08

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