Cake Mania - Review

Cake Mania
Ages: Everyone

Many of these types of games, that have running some business as a theme, or games with Tycoon on them are really Business Management 101. This is true of Cake Mania. The main object is to sell the largest amount of cakes, and it can be accomplished by pleasing customers with cupcakes or TV, buying more equipment, including shoes for Jill so that she can run faster. You quickly learn to multi-task, use waiting time while your customer reads the menu to set another customer's cake to bake. Since everyone is honest, you don't have to pick up the money until the end saving steps. And while this can be fun, there is not enough joy in just making more, efficiently. You don't even get the fun of decorating a cake.

This game has been one of the most popular on the casual game sites. It is a step up when a casual game makes it onto the handhelds freeing the player from the PC and affording new advantages like the touch screen.

Fun Factor: Could use more creative play.
Female Factor: Jill is an enterprising woman.

Reviewed by: Editor - 11/07

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