Cake Mania 3  - Review

Cake Mania 3
Ages: Everyone

I always preferred baking to slinging hamburgers - I like the colorful frostings. Majesco puts out a very satisfying new version of Cake Mania spruced up with time travel. Yes, you have to suspend belief.

Jill has finally decided to marry Jack but disaster strikes when the "Timebender" - a little sci-fi here - crashes to the floor. Each of the five in the wedding party - Grandma, Gramps, Risha, Tiny and Agent Bunt picks up a fragment and are flung to the far corners of time. Jill must find them and bring them back to the present if she wants to get married.

The next screen opens with many doors to choose from - actually, you donít have a choice - they open as you advance in the game. Jurassic Period, Medieval England, Ancient Egypt, Early China. The game's focus is baking and not time travel and so the epochs are relegated to the top screen, appropriate music and the characters coming in for the cakes - even mummies could want cakes. I havenít gotten to the Jurassic Period yet - but I'd like to see how upgrades like ovens, frosterators, microwaves and TV's will fit in. Bigger fires?

Fun Factor: The "Timebender" adds an interesting feature
Female Factor: Jill and Jack getting married?
Player Friendly: Takes work to get a high score.

Reviewed by: Editor - 11/09

  • Cake Mania 3
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  • Platform(s): GBDSDS
  • To Order: DS 19.49