Cars – Mater-National - Review

Cars – Mater-National
Ages: Everyone

I just checked back on my last year’s PS2 review of Cars. There is so little that is different that I could almost reuse it – but I won’t. The locations are the same, Radiator Springs, Tailfin Pass, and Ornament Valley. Mater, the tow truck is still an affable codger, and is the one hosting the “First Annual Mater-National Race Festival”. You play as Lightning McQueen, and since the race is now international, you now have cars from Germany, Japan and other nations competing with you.

The most hilarious race is done on giant tires – the ones we sneer at in real life. Other races will give you the feeling – I’ve been here before, I done this before. In playing, it is necessary to qualify in races and in mini-games to finally race in the Mater-National and there are many laps to go before your reach it. The game feels easier, probably because of fewer sharp curves. Steering controls are still iffy.

I think that the word that Mater is covering up is Inter. The reuse of an old sign is a little like the game. If you have Cars in your library of games, just replay it – this one doesn’t offer enough that ‘s new. But what is new is a whole passel of McQueen and Buddie cars – in time for Christmas.

Fun Factor: Check out the toy cars.

Reviewed by: Editor - 11/07

  • Cars – Mater-National
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  • Platform(s): PS2
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