Cars – Mater-National - Review

Cars – Mater-National
Ages: Everyone

The movie is only a year and a half old so you can still remember how much fun Cars was. This sequel will give you a deja-vu feeling and rightfully so. Very little has been done new in this release. Mater, the tow truck is still a charming funky character and is the one hosting the “First Annual Mater-National Race Festival”.

You play as Lightning McQueen, and since the race is now international, you now have cars from Italy, Germany, Japan and other nations competing with you. Familiar locations, Radiator Springs, Tailfin Pass, and Ornament Valley, will be revisited and so will some of the races. Remember the gasoline can race where you had to pick up gas canisters to finish? It’s there. The most hilarious one is racing on giant tires – the ones we sneer at in real life. It is necessary to qualify in races and in mini-games to advance the story and race in the Mater-National - there are many laps to go before you reach it.

The PS3 wasn’t out when the original Cars was released – so now you can add it to your library. You might also want to buy a few McQueen and Buddie cars, out in time for Christmas.

Fun Factor: Still a good game.

Reviewed by: Editor - 11/07

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