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Catz 5
Ages: E 6+

The point of the games is to take care of Catz as Virtual Pets. There are different scenes or rooms you can take your pet or pets then play with them. There are a couple of side games like tic-tac-toe against a rodent, but basically you take care of your Catz.

The game was OK. I didn't like it enough to want to play it over and over. I think younger girls, 6 to 8, who like animals, especially kitties, would probably really like it.

The one scene that I did enjoy was trying to give my Catz a bath. But my Catz didn't like it. You start at an adoption center and can pick out as many Catz as you think you can care for. I adopted two Siamese Catz and they were cute. You even get to name them.

The actual "game play" was OK. The Catz do stuff on their own and you kind of have to supervise them. If they are bad you can squirt them with a spray bottle. I am not sure that I would really play it that much after completing my review.

The graphics were all right. The scenes are kind of flat and the Catz are cute, simple coloring book like, simply animated and kind of funny, but unrealistic.

The only music is from a music box, but after awhile it gets really annoying and at least you can turn it off by putting it away. The Catz meow, hiss, purr and try to scratch things. My two real pet Burmese cats heard the sounds when I played and always had to come over and check out what I was doing on the computer!

This is a one-player game rated E for Everyone. I think that it is really made for 6 to 8 year old girls. Everything is mouse controlled and there is a control bar and suitcase that can stay on the screen for directions on what to do and where to go.

My least favorite thing was the music box that played snippets of songs- but I just turned it off. I think that I'd rather the game to be played on a different format like the Nintendo 64 or Game Cube with much better graphics. It would be better with more action from the cats and adventures, mazes or something else to do. It needs more excitement for older kids, but it would be perfect for little girls just starting out on the computer and in games.

Reviewed by: Josie S. age 11 - 01/03

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