Charlotte's Web -- Wilbur and Friends - Review

Charlotte's Web -- Wilbur and Friends
Ages: Everyone

The game starts out with the player having to understand and satisfy the needs of Wilber, the pig. All the animals are incredibly realistic, both in appearance and action. Wilber is piggy down to his bristly hair and moist snoot. Game action takes place in two areas, the farmyard and the county fair, allowing a wider assortment of games. All games requre winning eight rounds before proceeding to the next puzzle challenge. Games involve moving bales around to gain access, making words out of letters with a wonderfully animated spider as the cursor, ordering numbers, matching colored ducks, riding bumper cars and running through mazes. Surprise!! This is an edutainment game. And loads of fun. Sega did a good job. It will play on all Windows systems from 98 to XP, which is much appreciated by the crowd that is not playing on souped-up machines

Reviewed by: Editor - 11/06

  • Charlotte's Web -- Wilbur and Friends
  • © Sega
  • Platform(s): W98SE Me XP 2000
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