Cinderella: Magical Dreams  - Box

Cinderella: Magical Dreams
Ages: Everyone -- Ages 5

You have to give Disney credit -- the images are great and nowhere would this be as important as in Cinderella. The game starts by slowly panning across a landscape from the castle and down to Cinderella's home. Then there is a close-up of a foot slipping into a plain brown shoe. The story is skillfully and artfully introduced. The graphics don't disappoint throughout the game with touches rarely seen on the GBA.

The story follows the movie closely. The game focus is four stages of the story. Cinderella in the farmyard and woods dodging animals while trying for enough points to get flowers and tiaras. Jaq and Gus searching around looking for stuff for Cinderella's gown while avoiding Lucifer the cat. Fairy Godmother constructing the things a girl needs to get to a ball using color balloons. And of course Cinderella must dance to the rhythm of your D-pad.

This is a side scroller that uses the whole screen well. Some levels are trickier than others but -- Cinderella in your pocket -- it's worth it.

Reviewed by: Editor - 10/05

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