Cosmopolitan(TM) Virtual Makeover (TM) - Box

Cosmopolitan(TM) Virtual Makeover (TM)
Ages: 15 - 50

The age range that's stated is pretty accurate. I was prepared to dislike this one and it sat on my shelf for a while until I dutifully opened and tried it. First I had to get my picture in. It's not really so hard. You can either scan a photo into your computer, take a regular picture and request that your regular developing service send it back to you on a disk, or use your digital camera and go directly into your computer. Scanners and digital cameras are getting to pretty common so that's not much of a hangup. Barbie even has a digital camera.

Once that's done, the fun begins. Hair is the best. There are 150 hair styles and four basic hair colors that can be varied from light to dark. Of course - everyone tries out being a blond. I suspect that some of you will try out different hair styles to see if you want to keep it long or cut it short, or curl or flip it, but the most fun is with the outrageous hair styles. There are styles for men too, and mustaches! There is no end of fun.

The other makeup options are a little harder to use. The lipstick liner is difficult to draw with a mouse, and I didn't feel like hooking up my pen (but you can). Eyebrows are easier to draw and you can change you eye color with contacts. Of course there is blush, eye shadow and cover up but these make a less striking effect. Once done, everything can be printed out.

The product is good enough to enjoy a long shelf life if the designers tweak the product a bit. Outlining lips and irises are too hard. Like the pre-done hair styles, I want to be able to choose from lip types like those of Julia Roberts, Madonna or Woopie Goldberg. For contacts, I want them pre-drawn. How many different sizes of irises can there be? And I'd like some of the freaky ones like snake eyes. The product is slow - always asking you to wait before changing to another option. Nevertheless, we stayed with it for hours.

From what I heard, the original product has already spun off add-ons. Cosmopolitan(TM) Virtual Makeover (TM) Style Pack #1 adds more hair styles, hats and eyewear from leading designers. There are additional colors for lipstick, blush and eye shadow which were badly needed, because the selection in the original product was so limited. Cosmopolitan(TM) Virtual Makeover (TM) Style Pack #2 has more of everything in a little more glamorous, elegant look and, this is not for everyone, BRIDAL VEILS. Buy it if you need it, Both style packs require your having the original Virtual Makeover product.

Essence(TM) Virtual Makeover (TM) - Box Cosmopolitan(TM) Virtual Makeover (TM) The Collection contains all of the previous three products. However, to use all the options you have to do a full install - 633 MB - that's more than half of a gigabyte disk. Even doing the full install I NEVER GOT THE PRODUCT TO WORK. If you have had better luck - let me know. I want to try the eyeglasses!

Essence(TM) Virtual Makeover (TM)

This is the same product as Virtual Makover but geared to the African American Girl/Woman with the appropriate makeup colors and hair styles. Once again, the hair is the best. Hairdos range from easy care to wild cultural high styles with fancy braiding. A great way to get together and try out new looks.

Reviewed by Genevieve

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  • Essence(TM) Virtual Makeover (TM)$22.95
  • Cosmopolitan(TM) Virtual Makeover (TM) Style Pack #1 $14.95
  • Cosmopolitan(TM) Virtual Makeover (TM) Style Pack #2 $14.95
  • Cosmopolitan(TM) Virtual Makeover (TM) The Collection $49.99
  • Cosmopolitan(TM) Virtual Makeover (TM) 2 $19.95
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