Cry -- Wolf   - Review

Cry -- Wolf

The folktale of the boy who cried wolf as a hoax on the villagers who gets his comeuppance when there actually is a wolf is the net upon which this story weaves.

In a prestigious school, a clique of snooty upper classmates taunt each other with mind games. After the news of the murder of a girl in a town nearby, the group decides to "fool" the school by inventing serial killer. They send each other instant messages and soon there is no telling if the threats are real or that somehow they have spawned a real killer. Soon, the killer in an orange stocking cap appears lurking in the shadows. And soon the perpetrators of the hoax disappear or are found hideously murdered. Is it payback? If so, by whom? You are kept guessing until the very end when all is revealed in the last five minutes.

Reviewed by: Editor - 02/06

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