Danny Phantom -- Urban Jungle - Review

Danny Phantom -- Urban Jungle
Ages: Everyone

The game starts out with Danny bringing veggies as his contribution to dinner, and that should tell you that something is strange. The nemesis this time is vegetative overgrowth a little like kudzu, a plant that is know for it's explosive growth. Only this time this plant form is threatening to devour Danny's city. Danny fights it using his phantom powers. He can have three powers at a time for each of the four worlds. Danny's main powers besides becoming invisible involve overcoming ghosts by ice, fire, and his new ghostly wail. On world four he gets more shooting power and deflector ability.

In earlier games, Danny's base for action was mostly spooky and ghostly. I think the villains were more worthy of Danny's talents than plants. The GBA and Nintendo DS play almost the same, differing only in the use of the touchscreen. I expected more difference between the two ports.

Reviewed by: Editor - 11/06

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