Daring Games for Girls - DS  - Review

Daring Games for Girls
Rating: E - Everyone

The DS game is essentially the same as the one on the Wii. While the graphics are cruder, the game feels more appropriate for the DS. The game is compressed - less wandering, shorter interactions, which gets players into the task action of the game sooner. Some of the tasks have fewer steps. However, the trivia and inspirational messages that appear on the screen before each action feel more intrusive on the DS than on the Wii. Probably because of the necessary load time.

The difference in the controls makes some games easier - some harder - tag is almost impossible. Movement is controlled by the directional pad. Stylus actions are indicated on the screen including end of dialog sequence by stylus marks. There are still multiple steps before tasks can be completed and badges won - leading to lots of game play - and sometime frustration.

Fun Factor: Stepwise task oriented game
Female Factor: Girls doing lots of things
Player Friendly: Some mini-games are difficult because of controls.

Reviewed by: Editor - May/10

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