Dark Fall: Lost Souls  - Review

Dark Fall: Lost Souls
Ages: 16 +

Hey, I've been here before searching for my lost brother. Creepy train station, dark and foreboding hotel - much the worse for wear since I was here last. This time, I am the Inspector who is trying to discover what happened to Amy Haven, an 11 year old who disappeared after being expelled from school for strange and disquieting behavior.

All the characters are somewhat flawed. The Inspector broke rules to arrest a man he thought was guilty - and was dismissed from the force. Amy, who dabbled in the occult; Mr. Bones the vagrant who joined with Amy in searching to communicate with the dead; and Echo who communicates clues though text messages. To this basic mix add an assortment of lost souls and soul sucking leeches that look like bloody offal.

Past and present are intertwined so that decrepit rooms become restored to their original elegant condition while the lost souls tell their stories. There is much wandering - some startling and yucky scenes before it comes to a conclusion - with two alternate - and unexpected endings.

Fun Factor: The story and the environment are what provides the scare factor.
Female Factor: The mysterious child Amy is the focus of the search
Player Friendly: No bugs. Adequate manual with a useful floor plan

Reviewed by: Editor - 01/10

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