Darkness Within_ In persuit of Loath Nolder (PC) - Review

Darkness Within_ In persuit of Loath Nolder (PC)
Ages: Teen

This is a great antidote to the merriment, joy and sociability that lights the Christmas season. This one is dark and foreboding with Howard, the main character plunging headlong into, "things that man is best not to know", and pulling you along with him. Every step of the exploration, from a house at the center of evil, tombs, graveyards, caves, wells, prophecies and Loath Nolder, screams out, "it's not too late to turn back". But Harold, the PI on the case, is in awe of Nolder, the lapsed detective who has embraced the occult and murdered the owner of said house, and heeds no warnings and continues his descent into darkness.

The plot is moved along by an interesting mechanism - Harold's brain. When items are placed in the "think frame" you will get his thoughts about it. When you find notes and journals, you can underline passages that you think are relevant clues. If they aren't the underline disappears; if they are, you will be told that you found a clue.

There are puzzles that fit nicely in with the story, piecing together ancient stones, making mechanisms work, interpreting maps, finding notes on a didgeridoo - I did not make that up. Some puzzles are a bit obtuse, depending on multiple clues, but none are timed.

The music is spooky, rising in crescendo indicating - nothing in particular - but it does increase the tension. The 3D house scenes are filled with ancient artifacts, bookshelves of occult tomes, oriental carpets, a grandfather clock that ticks but does not move, and lit as though someone had just been snatched away. There is an unusual amount of reading to do but the red underlining to see if you have picked out the clues, makes it sort of a challenge. Is it scary? Well, spending all that time in creepy places with a protagonist who is slowly going mad does get to you.

Fun Factor: This Lovecraft inspired story grabs and keeps you playing
Female Factor: No women here - thank heavens

Reviewed by: Editor - 12/07

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