Deal or No Deal  - Review

Deal or No Deal
Ages: Everyone

Sometimes, it's surprising how something so simple can make an engrossing game. Deal or No Deal landed on my desk with an inauspicious bald man pointing fingers at me. I haven't seen the TV show - if you haven't seen it - here's the game.

There are 26 briefcases, each one contains a different amount of money, from one cent to one million dollars. You pick your briefcase, which remains closed. Meanwhile, you continue to pick other briefcases which are opened by glamorous women, and hope that none contain the one million dollars. At different intervals a banker will call and make an offer on your briefcase and you can deal or no deal. If you don't deal, you continue selecting and opening the briefcases; if you deal, you accept the offer and open your briefcase to see what kind of deal you made.

The host, Howie Mandel, manages to deliver his single line of "Open the case" with increasing suspense. The game is played only with the Wii remote; the numerous game options build on the basic briefcase approach; and watching your personal MIS image bouncing around the stage is gas.

I played it more that I needed to for review purposes. Go figure.

Fun Factor: Surprisingly engaging
Female Factor: None
Player Friendly: Easy to play

Reviewed by: Editor - 02/09

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