Death Jr. II - Root of Evil - Review

Death Jr. II - Root of Evil
Ages: Teen

We don't do first person shooters (FPS) on this site, we don't even have a category for them, but this one is so clever and amusing that I had to get into it. The main characters are Death Jr. a scythe swinging entity and Pandora the whip wielder pick either one to play solo or both in a duel game. Both whip and scythe have an all round useful functionality -- swinging from rafters, grabbing ledges, sliding down wires, and cutting through things, trees and enemies. Eventually you obtain weapons guns that lob balls of ice and freeze enemies, guns that shoot shiny sparklies that explode, a hamster homing device that explodes on contact, and a flaming toilet paper launcher. The collection of enemies is weird enough to stop you in your tracks in awe and you die. At least, I did. If you want to try out a FPS at least this one will give you some laughs.

Reviewed by: Editor - 12/06

  • Death Jr. II - Root of Evil
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  • Platform(s): PlayStation Portable
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