Deca Sports  - Review

Deca Sports
Ages: Everyone

Deca Sports like Decathlon - 10 different sporting events - or 10 different ways to use your Wii controller and Nunchuk.

The game offers numerous ways to play - players can select a single sport, begin with a tutorial to get comfortable with the controls, select a team, and eventually select a league or tournament in which eight teams compete. In the Deca League mode gamers must maneuver their players through ten sports as well as manage their fatigue levels through the competition. Multiplayer will accommodate two to four - each requiring a Wii remote and or Nunchuk. For group sports you can select the athletes. When playing against the computer, you can adjust how good or weak your competition is. You can choose your physique types but everyone ends up looking like Playmobile or Mii characters.

Forceful and sharp motions produce different effects in the games and they are focused on signature moves for that particular sport. Some reflect the motion of sport the quite well - some are less intuitive.