Deca Sports DS - Review

Deca Sports DS
Rating: E - Everyone

Hudson has previously done - beach volleyball, soccer, badminton, basketball, archery, curling, snowboarding, figure skating, super cross, car racing. The new version, with the same name but for the DS, has a completely new selection - golf, ping pong, rugby, sepak takraw, sky diving, cheerleading, clay shooting, wall climbing, arm wrestling, bobsledding.

Single play has four game modes.

Locker Room is on the Main Menu and is where you select and modify you team.
Team editor - create up to six custom teams or select a team from the eight standard teams. Standard choices are wide and range from an all female team to the muscle giants. Once you select a team - it can be customized. Team Edit will change name, emblem, uniform color. Edit Character effects gender, body type, face, and hair. A nice touch when playing sports which depend upon handedness - you can select the strong hand. Shoulder buttons rotate the player. Changes take effect when you hit update twice.

Tutorials are provided for each sport - you should at least need sepak takraw and no, I'm not going to tell you what it is. Winning depends not only on skill and strategy, but in selecting the right athlete for each position based upon body type. Which is why body type options come in S, M, L. Settings come in three flavors - beginning, amateur and pro,

Download Play lets six people play with a single game card. Available are: Open Match - where you can select any sport and start playing and League - select a fixed number of matches to play to win points. The manual has the best instruction on how to set up download and play it - it gives pictorial instructions on how to host and download. Save this for other games.

Hudson did a good job in presenting new and unusual sports - in real life they may not be for everyone - but here - grab the stylus and try sky diving.

Fun Factor: Inventive games
Female Factor: You can have an all-girls team
Player Friendly: Great instructions on how to set up download play

Reviewed by: Editor - Mar/10

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