Detective Barbie - Box

Detective Barbie
Ages 5+

You and detective Barbie have to solve the mystery of Ken's disappearance and find the missing money. The action takes place in a colorful carnival with many places to explore and fun rides, but it's hard and frustrating to move Barbie through the space. Remember how easy and natural it was to move Barbie in the Ocean Discovery? The same techniques don't work with land-bound Barbie, and if you don't press the directional arrows just right she just marks time in place or turns around and around. The game may be frustrating for young girls who are not dedicated Barbie fans.

To find the clues, you have to stop and use a magnifying glass which slows the game down considerably. While the scenes are pretty, there is nothing to click on and no surprises. The game plays differently each time you play. I am taking their word for it because I only played it once. There is one delightful touch. The game is personalized by having Barbie address you by your name. There are zillions of names to choose from and you are pretty well guaranteed to find your name there.

Reviewed by Genevieve

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  • Windows 95