Dewy's Adventure - Review

Dewy's Adventure
Ages: Everyone

Dewy feels like Elebits' second cousin. There's more story. This little drop of water has to restore the Tree of 7 Colors destroyed by the Black Rain. Colors being destroyed by blackness seems to be big this season in Drawn to Life the Hero is also fighting blackness. The story in Dewy's Adventure begins much like a children's book. Introduction screens are in babyish pink, yellow and blue, and Dewy himself asks to be a plush toy. The little Eaus, when freed from captivity fly off in a burst of rainbow colors. It is the evil characters -- the many forms of Drancos, the Ponco and the various Chompys that bring character into the game.

With all the childish form and design this is a fun game, and not just for children under 10. It is well designed, levels are interesting and colorful, big arrows direct you to the paths, and Dewy fights off evil characters in one of three forms. As a drop of water he can do a hip attack good for turning bad things into good things; as Ice Dewy he can do a spin attack, his most powerful offense; as Cloud Dewy he floats above and sends down lightning bolts to stun his enemies. Of course battles get harder and harder which seems a shame. Dewy changes when you press the control pad up or down changing the temperature indicated on the thermometer.

The Wii controller and the game are well matched. The remote is held sideways and there is an option to increase or decrease sensitivity. When you tilt the remote, the ground tilts and Dewy slides. It takes a little bit to get used to it. Shaking the remote side to side will cause an earthquake and moving it back and forth will make the wind blow.

An additional plus is Goody Mode, a make your own platform/stage, with all sorts of interesting parts, hazards, and gimmicks which you can design for single player or multiplayer. It all adds up to an engaging game even for grown-ups.

Fun Factor: Enough action to keep you playing for longer than you planned.
Female Factor: Dewy is clearly female.
Player Friendly: A nicely detailed instruction book. Not sure about the ad for Aqua Pod water in the back.

Reviewed by: Editor - 10/07

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