Dogz 5 - Box

Dogz 5

I remember Dogs when there were no numbers after it. Glad to see the googly- eyed creatures back. If you have any of these petz still hanging out in your computer - you can bring them into the current game. Ok - so you don't have a real pet. Here you will get to experience the ins and outs of having one. After you make your selection at the adoption agency - and there are 15 different kinds of breeds - you will get into the routine of feeding, training, playing, and dressing - yes there are dog clothes. Puppies become adult dogs in about 3 to 4 days and then they can mate and have puppies in the Nursery and the cycle begins all over. If you don't take care of your dogz - it will run away and you only have one chance to redeem him-or her. If all this isn't enough - you can go online to and find additional online petz friends. The graphics are nothing to write home about - but the young kids probably won't notice.

Reviewed by: Editor - 02/03

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